Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is a production practice that considers all expenditure of existing resources to get economic value to customers without any waste, and this waste is the target to be reduced. Lean always looks at product value from the customer’s point of view, where the value of a product is defined as something that the customer is willing to pay for.

Essentially, lean is centered on “getting value for as little work as possible.” Lean manufacturing is a philosophy developed by Toyota in the Toyota Production System (TPS). TPS is known for its focus on reducing waste or what is known as “MUDA” (Japanese), to increase overall customer value, but there are several perspectives on how to achieve this.

Most companies engaged in production will use lean manufacturing. Lean is an effort made by a company to prevent and eliminate waste so that it can increase the added value of products for consumers. This lean concept will be clearly illustrated in the field at the ratio of value added to waste.

If the company does not want to bear excessive costs, it must be able to find several things to eliminate so that there is no waste. Cases that often occur in everyday life and operational activities of a company are a waste of time and energy. Other waste may occur due to the use of equipment that is not so important to the company or during the production process.

Maybe for some lay people will be confused about how to apply this lean manufacturing concept, but for those who are involved in the manufacturing world, they will not be confused about how to apply the concept. Lean science is considered difficult and expensive because it studies how companies must reduce production costs without reducing the quality or quality of the products produced.

Sometimes to eliminate waste, the company has to lose some of its customers, this is because of an error in determining a strategy to eliminate components that are considered to be the center of cost overruns. Even though this waste is eliminated without having to eliminate the quality or superior quality of the product.

Lean manufacturing is indeed a very important part of the company, although not all companies need this concept. In its development, lean is considered as a systemic or systematic approach that serves to identify all waste in production costs and all useless activities. In this concept, it will be done how to flow products and information using a pull system from internal and external customers to get the excellence and perfection of the products produced by the company.

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